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Feeling Sports

Specialist in fantasy online games since 2010, Feeling Sports helps you develop and entertain your social networks by using innovative online Fantasy or Prediction games linked to real-life sports results.

  • Fantasy and prediction games
  • Multisports' games : football, rugby, tennis...
  • Multiplatform : web, webmobile and mobile applications
  • Connected to social networks

Our online Games

L'Equipe Manager

Le Championnat des Etoiles

4 Scores !

RBS 6 Nations

RG Contest

IIHF Fantasy

DH Pronofirst

Trotting Manager

Lidl Phénoménal Manager

Meo Liga

FCB Predictions

and others...

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Our Service

We provide a full-package solution for awesome entertainment around real-life sport's' events through two innovative and easily adaptable games.

Flexible and easy to configure, multi-sports and multi-media, our games are easy to integrate in any environment and will help you achieve your development strategies.

Feeling Sports Fantasy

Players become managers of their virtual team whose roster is composed of real-life players participating in the real-life sports events and the players earn points based on real-life results on the field. Public league or Private group option.

Team coaching practice



Very fluid ergonomics without full page refresher, positioning players through Drag'n'Drop

"Mercato" mode

Possibility for a group of managers to create a private group where one real-life player can only be in ONE team of the private group. Consequently, it creates a very strong competitive spirit between the managers throughout the season on the transfer market

Innovative options

7 original options

A simple and interactive game

Customers have to guess the results of a competition, make bets on various questions each gameday of the competition and earn points based on the accuracy of their answers. General league or private groups.

Results prediction


"Live" ratings

Bets change according to votes : the more unlikely the bet is, the more points you may earn

Editorial touch

On the betting grid corresponding to each day (or round) of competition, editorial questions are added so that players can earn extra points

Innovative options

4 original options

All it takes to succeed

Feeling Sports will handle a fast and easy integration of the games on your website or on the media your choice : web, mobile, facebook


Games offered without any branding - easily adaptable to your brand, design, logo and colors


Versions of the games available on all media : web, tablet, WebMobile, iPhone & Android applications


Registration by Facebook Connect, infography publishing, integration of the games into your Facebook page via specific application


Width design of 900px allowing great advertising strategy. Many revolving options through micro-payments

Features and options available

The features available to players provide a positive atmosphere and great interactivity in each group


Ability to offer in each private group a forum to chat about the results and "rewind the game" together

Champion's Message

Each gameday of competition, the player finishing first in the group will have the opportunity to write the "Champion's message" at the top of the ranking page


Option to write his/her own self-interview which will be published in a "press format" on the group's main page!


Two main sources of revenue are generated by the games : The sale of advertising space to a sponsor and credits reload via micro-payments made by players to buy game options


Sponsorship partner

Naming Operation

It is possible to have a sponsor/partner in order to promote the game so that it enjoys substantial visibility

Advertising strategy

The main screen 900px wide provides a complete advertising of the window

300x250 advertising board

A dedicated area of 300px at the right of the game window allows the insertion of advertising boards. It is also possible to send targeted advertising to players based on their in-game choices


Credits' reload


"Added value" options require credits which can be bought by credit card, SMS or Audiotel

Commercial Operations of Sponsor

It is possible for a sponsor to provide "free credits" to players (Commercial Operations)

Micro-payment options

Several non-mandatory game options offering some "added value" may be used with "credits" such as:
- Buy a player in secret
- Line up 4 strikers in your football team
- Write a self-interview
- Spy opponents' transfers

Entertain your workforce

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Please find below examples of our games in their football version, rugby version and tennis version

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